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An exhibition for our times

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

RIGA 1–12 December Low Gallery

Since the arts and artists have come in for at least their fair share of difficulty from the COVID crisis, it is encouraging to see students and emerging young artists coming up with a work around.

Es Nakšu Rīt, the current exhibition at Low Gallery, is a kind of collaboration between ISSP, ISSP mentor Vika Eksta and her second-year students, working in a kind of isolated, covid-safe collaboration. Each artist comes to the gallery alone and works on their part of the show, everyone visiting the space just does their thing, sees the others work in progress and reacts to it and the limitations of the space in their own way.

ISSP (Riga’s visionary ‘International Summer School of Photography’) and Vika Eksta encouraged these artists to exhibit their work, however that might turn out, and the results are both interesting and treading gently just outside traditional mainstream photography. There’s a kind of installation element and even the arrangement of the photographs on the wall is done in a outside the box kind of a way.

In one work, the inclusion of sound incorporates a digital scan of an image of smoke played back through a program that analyses images and creates a tonal representation from the image. Even the meaning of the title is a little thought provoking something like ‘I will come tomorrow’ spell it slightly wrong and it reads something like I come running at night. Somehow, ISSP, with what seems like a super small budget, have pulled off something both poignant and conceptual. Featuring many interesting and talented up and coming photographers, this is definitely worth checking out. Well let’s face it, there’s not that much else to do. Bring your mask, enjoy the space and have a pleasant walk down to Low gallery.

Participating artists: Anete Aramina, Anna Rutmane, Elīna Šteinberga, Elvīra Blumfelde, Elza Marta Ruza, Ieva Ozolina, Jana Uļjanova, Janis Škapars, Monta Gāgane, Monta Kurme, Sandis Liass.

Curators: Vika Eksta and Iveta Gabaliņa

Es Nakšu Rīt is on every day (except Monday) until 12 December.

Low Gallery

Ģertrūdes iela 115, Rīga

Open 17.00 – 20.00


By Michael Holland

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