about northeast: 

Okay everyone! It's time to own up to some things.

Northeast started a couple of years ago as an attempt to create a place where expats living in the Baltic region could contribute short or long posts about the arts and culture as a way of sharing what is interesting and what is worth visiting. 

It started out quite promisingly, and I was encouraged that a number of friends in Tallinn, Riga and Helsinki were willing to contribute to the idea. Thank you everyone. But the truth is that the original idea has not turned out to be sustainable, and who could have predicted how things would change as a result of Covid-19? 

So after a period of silence from me (almost no posts in the first half of 2021), I am now withdrawing the original concept and simply changing the basic premise of this blog.

From the end of September 2021, Northeast can be described as follows:

1. Northeast is the personal blog of Michael Haagensen, mostly with short posts on the arts and culture, but also occasionally longer posts and posts on other topics.

2. Northeast welcomes guest contributors who have something to share and need somewhere to share it.

3. Northeast does not promise to assume any kind of role, or fill a gap or even to post regularly; it makes no promises at all, just that there will be new posts when there are new posts. No strings, no promises, no pressure.

4. In the past Northeast aimed to post about events in four cities – Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. That is no longer the case. 

5. The posts on Northeast simply reflect the life of one expat living in a city in northeastern Europe, an expat that is involved in the arts and interested in things going on around him or not going on around him, as well as things, events and thoughts that guest authors also find interesting and would like to share.