about northeast: 

There's a lot going on in the arts in northeast Europe, and it's difficult to always be aware of what's happening, what's cool and what's challenging and enriching.

Northeast presents short posts about events in the arts and culture in Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki.

Many good exhibitions and events in this region are organised at the grassroots level, often by the artists themselves, and at Northeast we believe that many of those events are just as good if not better than events in the mainstream. Although you will at times find posts about major blockbusters put on by the national museums or orchestras, Northeast is mostly a source of information about events that for whatever reason miss out on attracting the audiences they deserve.

Our team of contributors all have a background in the arts in one way or another. We write postcard-style posts about events we have been to and think are worth sharing. In this way, although we don't set out to provide an exhaustive and complete list of absolutely everything on at any given moment, we try to provide some useful tips on the less obvious events that often exist under the radar. 

As Northeast grows we will also add podcasts to listen to and longer articles for those interested in reading at greater depth about exhibitions, events, artists and performers. 

We hope you enjoy Northeast.

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